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People tend to hate the goody-good and kind people!


Why overly kind and moral people can rub you up the wrong way

Why overly kind and moral people can rub you up the wrong way



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Hating Good And Morally Upright People

The scepticism many of us feel towards people who are only trying to make the world a better place is a known behaviour, described by psychologists as “do-gooder derogation”.

And while the phenomenon may seem to be wholly irrational, there are some compelling evolutionary ...

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Recent behavioural studies show that selfishness and selflessness are considered to be morally equivalent by a lot of people.

Strikingly, this tendency seems to emerge early in life – at around the age of eight. And while the size of the effect may vary depending on the context, it seems to...

Reciprocity and Reputation

To understand the origins of this seemingly irrational behaviour, we need to consider how human altruism emerged in the first place.

According to evolutionary psychology, hardwired human behaviours should have evolved to improve our survival and our ability to pass on our genes to another g...

If A Person Rises, Others Must Fall

Reputation is “positional” – if one person rises, the others fall. This can create a strong sense of competition, which means that we’re always alert to the possibility that other people are getting ahead of us, even if they are achieving their status through altruism. We’ll be especially resentf...

The Rules Of Life

Altruistic behaviour can make us walk a metaphorical tightrope. We need to balance our generosity perfectly, so that we are seen as cooperative and good, without arousing the suspicion that we are acting solely for the status.

If there’s no good evidence to suggest that their acts of genero...

Hide The Good Deeds!

Ultimately, the only fool-proof way to avoid do-gooder derogation may be to do your best deeds in complete secret. And if others happen to discover the truth, despite your attempts to hide it – well, the good reputation that follows is simply a bonus.

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‘Do-gooders’ are often judged harshly. Why do we resent their acts of altruism or question their motives?



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