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Our biases and blindspots relating to us.

You have more influence than you think

You have more influence than you think

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Influence And Bias

When we think of influence, we don’t generally tend to think about the influence we naturally have, which is why we probably have more influence than we think.

  • Influence is so much more than social media engagement, it’s about understanding the psychology of your interactions.
  • ...


Basing your happiness on comparisons isn’t helpful because we are hopeless at setting reliable benchmarks for those comparisons”

Gaining Vs Natural Influence

Everyday people have more influence than they give themselves credit for.

  • Marketing, advertising, and social media influencers have created an aggressive and flashy narrative around the influence that isn’t applicable to most people
  • The psychology of influence is so much more t...

The Biases That Influence Our Perception Of Our Influence

The Invisibility Cloak Illusion: Tendency to (incorrectly) believe that you notice people more than they notice you

We almost always underestimate how many people are paying attention to us

The Spotlight Effect: Tendency to overestimate how much other...

The Blind Spots Of Our Mind

We unfairly judge ourselves on the specifics of the conversation while we judge the other person on warmth and friendliness.

Based on the referenced study, the actual likeness is about 12% higher than the perception.

Audience Tuning Effect: Tendency to adjust our lang...

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

  • The average person thinks they are less social than the average person
  • Logically, this can’t be true, so there’s plenty of bias involved in FOMO.
  • We have a tendency to compare ourselves to the maximum rather than the mean
  • Basing your happiness on comparisons isn’t hel...

Staying Worry Free And Being Okay With Imperfection

  • Engage more and worry less about getting things perfect.
  • By trying to avoid negative interactions, you actively limit the opportunity for positive interactions.
  • Interactions are usually less awkward than you think, and the results are almost always surprisingly comforting.

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