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The Nice Guy Syndrome

The Nice Guy Syndrome

  • The is a new race of males called Nice Guys.
  • Nice guys finish last
  • Seeks approval of others
  • Only cares about others by compromising themselves.

Myth: Nice guys always try to make others happy, then they will be happy and problem-free.

But when this strategy doesn't work they become frustrated and disappointed. 


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Nice guys are anything but nice.



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Stop Tracking Your Good Deeds

Stop Tracking Your Good Deeds

Nice guys track all the help they did.

Psychologically they subconsciously expect the same effort in return as they did.

High-value people don't expect in return.


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Have Higher Standards

Have Higher Standards

If you always behave nicely with everyone then people start taking unfair advantage of you.

They think however they behave, no matter what, you'll behave nicely.

Have a higher standard for how people treat you.

Don't let others disrespect you.


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Prioritizing yourself in the first position doesn't mean you are selfish.



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Speak With Conviction

Speak With Conviction

Nice guys speak indirectly to put their points or decision because they are feared of rejection.

Speak what you want to speak, not everybody needs to agree with you. And that's fine.


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Stop Agreeing So Much

Stop Agreeing So Much

Nice guys think if they agree with everyone's viewpoint it will make them more likable.

Talk about how you think about something no matter if it is not according to the others. You must have your own opinions.


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An ordinary boy who is indiscriminately passionate about many things, develops the frontend of websites, a graphics designer, a bibliophile, Loves to learn and grow, and write. | In search of infinity!


These are a few traits that make you miserable because after a certain point people will start taking advantage of you and at that moment you'll have to draw a line and prioritize yourself over everyone else.

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