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by Greg McKeown

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The Planty Age

We live in a plenty age, nowadays we have access to an infinity quantity of information, opportunities, entertainment, etc. but this just shows up a truth: we are unable to develop everything, it doesn’t matter how productive you are, is humanly impossible to develop everything you wish or live every experiences or approach your goals and if you achieve all of these, it is likely that you wont get the happiness or satisfaction you are wishing for.


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The Fundamental Mindset of the Essentialist is to know how to make correct choices and being consent about how unimportant that is almost everything. So, you have to learn what is really essential.


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What Is Essentialism?

The essentialism can be written in three words: ‘Less, but better’


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How To Focus Your Energy

In the essentialism, you focus your energy to a less quantity of tasks, achieving better results with less effort. You can separate an essentialist from the rest when you identify the quality of the liberty to make choices on someone while it doesn’t depend on a ‘have to…” to develop an assignment.


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Accept that you have to lose to win. Choosing what is important means giving up everything else.


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Allow time for boredom, praise and meditation will help you to show what is really essential in your life.


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Listen to the wisdom of your inner child. The games can show up more creative ideas.

It is important to have time to think and have a panoramic view of the situation in which you’re dived. Redirecting your energy and knowing what problems you are going to solve considering that you are solving just one problem at a time.


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Stress is an evil that hinders your productivity. Resting and having fun helps to develop ideas for solving problems.


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Don't be afraid to say no to non-essential tasks. When you say yes to something you don't want, you are losing the opportunity to do other things that would be really important in your life.


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When you turn a solution into a routine, you save time, brain space, and energy to focus on other challenges.


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