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1% Success Habits

1% Success Habits


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1% Success Habits

📝 By Brandon Nankivell

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Part-1 The 10 Success Habits

Habit 1 - Make your bed:

How you do one thing determines how you do everything. Making bed would have a domino effect in life.

Habit 2 - Move, Hydrate, Sunlight:

Move- prime your body for the day, get the blood pumping, so that it knows that it's GO TIME

Hydrate- after 6-8 hours of sleep you wake up dehydrated in the morning. 1-2 glass of water as soon as you wake up will be sufficient.

Sunlight- It's important for healthy function of your circadian rhythm, to give you energy, for better sleep. You can combine this with other chores or with your morning exercise.


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Your brain operates with 30% less acuity when you are dehydrated


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Part-2 Habit Implementation

Tip 1- 66 days

21 days is a myth. Don't quit until you've successfully implemented habit for a minimum of 66 days. Because everytime it gets stronger in your subconscious.

Tip 2- Build 1 habit at a time

This the the best takeaway for me from this book. Multitasking is a Big No. You'll end up diversifying your focus and losing the momentum required to build a habit.

As arule of thumb start new habit only after 30 days of successful implementation of older habit.

Tip 3- The KISS principle

Keep it simple stupid.

Make it so easy that even your grandma can do it, that it doesn't even bother you doing it.


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