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The 7 Rules Of Neuroplasticity

These seven rules will help you deliberately take control of your thoughts, your programs, and their outcome in your everyday life.


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Mindfulness is the process of being consciously aware of your own mental environment and activity in a purposeful way at all times.

Metacognition - a form of active thinking which is a function of the prefrontal cortex, it helps you regulate and manage your own thoughts.

While it may be the choices you make each day that determine the road you wish to follow, it is first your mindfulness that heightens your brain's sensitivity to seeking that path.


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Without making clear choices, you leave your brain to its own meanderings & those are determined by your old programs or by the random influences of whatever happens to be taking place in your life at the moment.

Each choice you make gets recorded in your brain, and if you repeat that same choice often enough, it will actually form its own set of neural pathways and connections in your brain.

Two types of choices -

Conscious choices - The ones you think about when you're making them

Unconscious choices - Any decision you make that you don't think about making


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Intention is the creation of direction, with purpose: it is identifying the goal.

When you're rewiring your brain, your success will depend on your mental direction and on the amount of intention you create in your own mind.

Intention is the driving force of creation


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When the brain is rewiring itself, it responds best to clear, specific directions, not to messages that are vague and unfocused.

The clearer the picture you're able to give your brain, the more detailed the neural imprint of that goal will be recorded in your brain.

Your brain, when seeking a goal, will record only what you tell it, and exactly what you tell it, and only as completely as the picture you present to it.Anytbibg you leave unclear induces the brain to come up with its its own version of what it thinks you want.


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The more famiar something begins to feel, the more "permanent" the that has become.

Your brain forms almost all of its new neural pathways through repetition.

It also strengthens older pathways with the same process.


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When you're wiring your brain, strong emotions create strong programs.

Your neuroplastic activity is strongest when your emotions are the most intense.

Because of the mental chemistry of your own emotions, the programs you're wiring in will be stronger, last longer, and keep you moving in the direction of achieving your goal.


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When it comes to wiring your brain, belief make a profound difference in the strength of the neural programs you create.

If you want to succeed, time after time, you should consistently add your personal belief to the formula.

The three rules of Neuroplasticity programming: choice, belief, & repetition.

The more you believe in the outcome, the more that outcome tends to happen.


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