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How to Win Everyday

How to Win Everyday

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How To Win Everyday

How To Win Everyday

As a human, we're supposed to do some task or jobs everyday. Yet, at the end of the day we're still felt guilty. Maybe because the lack of concentration when doing the job, not productive enough, or you're not feeling good.

Hey, I've been in that position at the time. But after searching for the good habits to get off that guilty feeling, I've found some interesting habits that might be useful for you too.

Here is some habits that you can add it into your daily life!


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3 Different Habits Parts in Your Daily Life

3 Different Habits Parts in Your Daily Life

To get the winning feeling in everyday life, you can improve these parts in your life, such as :

  1. Spiritual
  2. Health
  3. Mind

Let's get started with these simple yet effective habits that can improve your life and gain that winning feeling everyday!


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Spiritual Habits

Spiritual Habits

Improve your connection with god everyday. Let that sink in your mind that God is Great. He's gonna fix our life if we stay close with him everyday. When we lost our connection with God, everything is gonna be hard and burden for our life. So stay close with God with these habits :

  • Daily Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Do at least one good thing for others every day


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Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer

Do your daily prayer. Confess your heart to God and seek for forgiveness and blessing everyday. Trust with your heart that God can lead us into the better living. As a muslim, we pray five times a day and when we complete it all we can feel that we're closer to God.

I feel the better mood when and after praying to God. You should try this and notice the better feeling everyday. That's the simple yet not everyone notice this in modern day.


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Take 5-15 minutes a day and do meditation. Just sit, close your eyes, make up conversation with your mind in the silence environment. Try to pour all your thoughts when doing this activity.

You can add your dreams, target, and motivate yourself while doing meditation. This one looks simple but if you can take it seriously your mind is settling in calm and good mood. After all we can think much clearer and doing the task more productive when our mind is in clear state.

Usually i do this when i feel angry. In just a couple minutes i can bear my mind to do things again.


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Bless Anybody Out there

Bless Anybody Out there

Do a good deed to anybody out there. Bless everyone even with your simple action. In Islam we taught to bless everybody we met even with our smile. You can feed up people, helping other person, make your friends happy, or give your money to homeless people.

No matter how small your action, as long as you're blessing other people, your life will feel better. We can share our laugh together for the better humanity out there.


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Healthy Habits for Your Body

Healthy Habits for Your Body

A healthy body = healthy mind. If we take care of our body, our mind is gonna settle in the good condition. In this modern day, doing healthy habits such as workout can be bizarre in society.

But the things that we must know is the healthy body is for ourselves, not for other person. So maintain your body in good condition with this habits and stay winning everyday!

  • Workout
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Go to bed early, rise up early
  • Control your diet


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Move your body every single day. In this modern day, everything seems so simple. And that's causing the lack of movement everyday.

The result is our body is weakened as time passes by. Obese, diabetes, high blood pressure, and weak physical is waiting for who doesn't want to work his body.

Just do a simple workout. You can do jogging, weight lifting, or any kind of sport that you like. You can feel your feeling is much better after workout, all the burdens and bad thoughts is gonna dissappear with all that sweats. And at the end of the day, you can have the healthy body and better minds too.


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Drink a Lot of Water

Drink a Lot of Water

Drink your water, this one is "S" tier in beverage ranking, guys. We should drink around 3-4 litres everyday. This habit can bring up your metabolism into the good level. Our body can feel much better, our skin glowing up and avoid acne in face. Also, if we drink enough water, our sleep quality is much better and can make us more fresh when wake up.

So take drink only your water, don't mess your body with that flavoured drink.


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Control Your Diet

Control Your Diet

Your body is a reflection of what you eat. Control your diet with healthy real food. This day it seems so normal to eat high processed junk food which is bad for our body. Be natural, eat only real food, and if you hard to manage that, you can add a little bit variation to make it more interesting.

Manage your sugar intake per day, count your calories, and add fruits and vegetables to your meal.

You'll feel much better, fresh, and healthy always.


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Go To Bed Early

Go To Bed Early

Successful people go to bed early and rise up early in the morning. If we manage to control our sleep time, we can rise early than other people and do productive activities in that time. Imagine how many times we can get if we rise up early and do task in that time.

Many people get insomnia these days. The cause of this problem is their activities before sleep. They're often to scrolling in the bed before going to sleep. And cause us into scrolling endlessly until we realize it's midnight already.

Remember that human must have at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday to feel good throughout the day.


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Improve Your Mind with These!

Improve Your Mind with These!

Our mind is precious. If we can take care of our mind, we can do things with clear thoughts and vision everyday. A little mental suffering can influence our thoughts into bad things. So it's important to keep our mind in positive area which can lead us into productive, happy, and pleasant everyday.

We can do these things everyday:

  • Study effectively everyday
  • Journaling
  • Read 10 pages a day
  • Using your subconscious mind


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Using your subsconcius mind

Using your subsconcius mind

Many people unaware of this method. You can use your subconscious mind by affirmating yourself with good sentence. When you're going to sleep, say this quietly "i'm happy and healthy. Happiness is a normal condition of every human being and i deserve to feel happy."

Repeat this over and over like a lullaby and you're gonna wake up in joy, happy, and clear mind every morning.

Many people cannot go to sleep and have a bad feeling when they wake up just because they've had a bad overthinking before sleep.

Your subconscious mind is processing whatever you thought, choose to think the good one!


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Study Everyday

Study Everyday

Learn something everyday. Don't waste your time into scrolling endlessly in your phone. You're responsible with your precious time, now the choices is in your hand. Will you spend your time to build yourself by learning or you're gonna waste it into worthless

Marcus Aurelius said that the human likely to protect their assets like money or gold, but they're unaware to protect their time.

Spend your time about 1-3 hours to learn something new. You can use effective method to understand it better such as blurting, Feynman technique, active recall, and other methods.


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Read 10 Pages A day

Read 10 Pages A day

Pick one nonfiction book that you're interested. Set up a habit to read atleast ten pages a day and at the end of the year you'll be the different person.

This one is relate with the "study everyday" habits. You can learn another skill if you want to read the book. Make it more interesting when you reading it. As for my self, i would use the feynman technique when reading the book. I'm pretending that i would teach a 5 years old about the paragraph that i've read so i can understand the concept about the information.

You can utilize your local library and found the good book there!


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Use journal to express yourself everyday. Fill up your thoughts into paper or digital journal and you'll feel better. This one is my favorite method to release my overthinking thoughts.

You can add another things such exciting moment, how you feel, and maybe reminder for tomorrow. 

Journaling is not meant to be hard, you can write as simple as you want. At the end of the day, you're the only one who can access that journal, so fill up as comfortable as you're.

Journaling can be your therapy by yourself too, you know that the journal won't screenshot your thoughts right?


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Choose love and happiness always

There's the daily habits that you can use to feel much better every day.

Remember, you're the only one who responsible for your own feelings.

Choose love and happiness always.


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Hello! I read books and write it down here


You can win everyday, if you follow these habits!


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