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The Introvert's Guide to Leadership Presence - Quiet Revolution

The Introvert's Guide to Leadership Presence - Quiet Revolution


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Introverts and authenticity

If you’re an introvert, you don’t need to change your personality to develop leadership presence. You just need to learn a few skills.


Quieter people tend to make themselves small, tight. You don't have to make yourself large, just centered.

  • If you’re standing, get in a strong stance: put one foot slightly in front of the other to avoid swaying.
  • If you’re sitting, sit so that you are able to m...

You may struggle with eye contact and need to learn how to focus your gaze to build leadership presence.

But controlling your gaze is not about going eyeball to eyeball. You have to try and make eye contact with each person, for at least five second.

You need to resonate your voice in your mouth, not your nasal passages or your throat.

To see what it feels like to have your voice resonate in your mouth, make an “mm” sound so that your lips begin to tingle. Then, say “me” and note what it sounds like. By moving your sound forward ...

Smooth gestures

Keep your gestures fluid if you want to highlight your message and build your leadership presence.

If you are continuously moving your hands in the same way, you are connecting your behaviors to your feelings, consciously or not. You want your gestures to be connected to your mess...

Don’t just pace around the room—move with purpose.

  • You can move between points like through the white space between paragraphs. 
  • You can also use movement to create highlights and emphases. 
  • If you stop suddenly, your audience will wonder why. Now you have their ...

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