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5 Emotional Blindspots Most People Never Notice

5 Emotional Blindspots Most People Never Notice



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Emotional Intellectualization

As adults, the way we express ourselves is ruining our natural feelings. Words are misused to explain something which we feel from the inside, as a primitive defence mechanism to avoid further painful feelings.

This leads us to be unaware of our true feelings, whic...

Emotions are not easy to be directly controlled, and in trying to do so, people may make it worse. But the most common advice provided by friends and family is to control one’s emotions or to manage one’s mood.

Accepting your emotions instead of controlling or suppressing...

Our judgement of emotions, something extremely common, is the fastest way to end up in a therapist's office. Getting judgemental never works in making you feel better.

It is not a good idea to feel bad about feeling bad while you are feeling bad.

Pain by itself isn’t dangerous but is only a signal about something else that needs your attention. Killing pain never killed the actual problem, just like painkillers do not work on the real reason for the pain, but only blunt the sensory input to the brain.

Instead of us...

Emotions provide us signals and sometimes those can be incorrect. It is better to let your values be your guiding light and ignore a few emotional signals of discomfort.

Good things have some costs involved. If we want the best things in life, we have to pay the price, and sometim...

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