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How to conquer the Sunday scaries (and feel good on Monday)

How to conquer the Sunday scaries (and feel good on Monday)


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Why Monday looms so large

Hating Monday is practically an international pastime. There’s a bit of a collective conscience that Mondays suck.

Social media also perpetuates the idea that Mondays are a drag. Over time, we internalize this narrative, and we miscalculate the negative effects of a new week. 

The Sunday scaries are a form of “anticipatory anxiety,” that's why concerns might creep in as you consider the upcoming week.

Worrying about future events is human nature. But prolonged anxiety can lead to chronic stress, which increases your risk of health problems, including depr...

Plan some Sunday self-care

Treating yourself well on Sunday can help you feel better about Monday. You can try:

  • Serenity—a form of relaxation, like meditation or deep breathing
  • Exercise—anything from yoga to running
  • Love—expressing gratitude
  • Food—eating nutrien...

Schedule a Monday mood lifter

The flip side of anticipatory anxiety is looking forward to an upcoming event.

Whenever possible, schedule something uplifting on Monday, whether it’s a spin class or a coffee date. For added benefits, spend time with friends and family. Making social plans can extend those good w...

Steer clear of digital devices

Just as social media can ramp up the Sunday scaries, 24/7 connectivity can increase anxiety. 

Shut off your phone, don’t check your email, and stop scrolling through social media.

Explore the source of your anxiety

The Sunday blues often feature a mental script of regrets from the past week, like “I should have finished that report,” or worries about an upcoming meeting, presentation, or deadline. 

Instead of dwelling, try identifying and challenging each negative thought.

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