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Science-Backed Habits Of Outrageously Successful Job Seekers

Science-Backed Habits Of Outrageously Successful Job Seekers


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Make Job Seeking A Constant Thing

We should try and learn every new skill possible and continuously build our personal brand.

Most people start their search for a job after years when they feel they should start looking for a job (like after being laid off). By making the task of seeking a job a constant ...

  • Your skill sets are of no value if no one knows about them, and sometimes we ourselves do not know the value of our unique skills.
  • Updating your resume regularly with a clear list of your old and new skills helps you understand and shape yourself ...

The last decade has changed the way a recruiter looks at a profile. You need to constantly update and restructure the content with the market realities and demands.

  • A good resume has brevity, action verbs, and skills that fit the job being applied for.
  • It helps to have a fo...

  • They have a vision for what they eventually want to be. Goals don’t help if one does not have a clear pathway, a strategy to reach there.
  • We need to take into account the uncertainty and unpredictability that surrounds us, even if we are happily occupied in a job.
  • Having...

Successful job seekers don’t just grab any job opportunity that comes their way and understand that they have to weigh in the long-term implications of any given profile, apart from the salary being offered.

One needs to figure out what would be the five-year or ten-year ...

Most of us look for jobs that we are comfortable with, something we have already done, even though it may not be something that is in demand by recruiters.

We have to let go of the mental blockages that prevent us from looking at profiles outside our area of expertise and...

  • While listing our skills is important, it is also imperative that we are able to identify and articulate our skills.
  • Certain transferable skills like an eye for detail or being able to communicate well are easily transferable across industries, but a specific skill like being well...

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Have you applied to 25, 50, 100 or more UX jobs and not landed any interviews or job offers? The solution is to not keep applying and hoping the numbers game will eventually lead to more interviews and job offers.



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