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Changing Your Scenery By Rearranging Your Furniture Has a Major Benefit

Changing Your Scenery By Rearranging Your Furniture Has a Major Benefit
A pre-Covid-19 study shows that changing your scenery daily can have a major impact on your mood.


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Increasing your mood by changing scenery

Increasing your mood by changing scenery

Research shows that a change in scenery is a factor in staying happy. When you're newly working from home however, regularly changing your surroundings can be a challenge.

You can change the scenery without leaving your house - all you have to do is rearrange your furniture. Even subtle variations can help improve your mood.




Reconfiguring your space’s layout

  • Changing your rugs can make a room look vastly different.
  • Getting rid of a single piece of furniture can help open up your interior. Cut out items that aren't really necessary.
  • Find your best angle. If your furniture isn't quite fitting how you hoped it would, align it at an angle.






Cannabidiol (CBD) is a drug derived from marijuana and hemp plants. It has been hyped up to cure many ailments, including heart disease, cancer, and even the new virus. These claims have been debun...

Uses and New Studies

CBD is a drug which is bought easily without a prescription. It is used in cupcakes, seltzer, and beer as an ingredient too.

New studies point out that CBD can help with sleep disturbances, psychosis, chronic anxiety, and the Fragile X Syndrome.

Dangers of CBD

  • CBD has shown to induce mild liver damage in about 17 percent of people, according to a large study.

  • Being a seizure medication, CBD can also promote suicidal thoughts. Apart from this, the common side effects of CBD are sleepiness and diarrhea.

Take any claim with a pinch of salt, and make sure the basics of good health (good diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, and less stress) are followed.

Communication in the virtual world

Communication in the virtual world

Bonding with colleagues in the real world is easy. It the virtual world, the tools we have available are video conferences, group messages, and email - all cold forms of communication.


Smiling makes people like you

Dale Carnegie published a book - How to Win Friends and Influence People. The importance of smiling is among his tips. If you seem pleased to see someone, they will be happy to see you.

If you don't have a natural smile, say "great great great" in verses of three, to get the same effect.

Finding common ground

Finding common ground is a first step to being charming.

Discussing the whole world of pandemic and common weather-related experiences is an excellent way to find that common ground.

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There is no single way to lead a minimalist life

There is no single way to lead a minimalist life

Minimalism is often seen as an all-white room containing few furniture pieces. There are no colors or patterns or decorative accents that don't serve some function. However, this is not true.

Minimalism can help you save money

Instead of trying to find ways to make more money, minimalists contemplate the opposite: They live with less.

Minimalists find that after going through simplifying their lives and their interiors, they feel more at peace and in charge of their surroundings.

Decluttering can be emotional

Getting started on the road to minimalism can be the hardest. Once you realise how much you own, it can be overwhelming and fill you with guilt about the money wasted.

After decluttering, you may encounter another emotional factor: When you live with just the things you really love, breaking something will feel way more dramatic.