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Cases of Innovation in the COVID-19 Era

Cases of Innovation in the COVID-19 Era


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Organisations face 3 types of challenges during a pandemic:

  • Traditional Demand: The need to satisfy the same customer demand as before but with a modified approach. 
  • Emergent Demand: The need to satisfy a new customer demand that emerged from t...

Innovation for addressing a pre-existing demand for a temporary period

Adapters: Deliver the same products or services but likely with fewer resources

  • Restaurants creating outdoor dining and consumer-goods 
  • Reckitt Benckiser ramping up production of Lysol disinfectant spray to keep up with global demand
  • Flour, a bakery group based in Bost...

The Optimiser: Reconfigure resources to satisfy existing sustained customer demand, by increasing the efficiency by which they deliver these products and services.

  • Ikea, which had previously invested in augmented reality to help customers choose furniture without physi...

Trendsetter: Developing entirely new products or services that will continue to be in high demand post-pandemic.

  • The U.S., Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) began a new effort to offer telemedicine appointments during the pandemic. 
  • Doctors and nurses were r...

Trailblazer: Use existing resources to solve new problems they had never tackled before. 

  • Dyson, a company famous for innovation, saw that the world needed more medical equipment during the pandemic and recognized that it could produce ventilators. 
  •  Dyson deve...

  • Companies are often more attuned to using the traditional innovation process, which allows them to address a known problem with more strategic control and direction. 
  • The coronavirus crisis has shown that it’s important for organizations and leaders to become more comfortable with un...

  • Anchor their processes on the constraints of the solution rather than the clarity of the problem.
  • focusing on a narrow set of resources within the business, asking users how their products could be useful in new ways, 
  • Iterating through several open-ended domains until a clea...

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