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5 Steps to Giving Advice People Will Actually Want to Take

5 Steps to Giving Advice People Will Actually Want to Take



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Deliver it for the Right Reason

Providing truly useful advice starts by coming from a selfless place. If you have ulterior motives, stop while you’re ahead. 

Keep it real. Using real-life experience versus anecdotes or third-party tips can make your advice that much stronger.

Read the Room

  • Determine whether the person you’re talking to is open to receiving your advice. Is she literally asking for it? 
  • If there’s no concrete question, assess her body language. Is she leaning into your conversation, does she seem engaged, eager to hear what you ...

Understand Your Target

Establish if the person in need of advice would prefer anecdotes, personal stories, short takeaways, specific examples, or fuller context. 
Also, acknowledge the state of mind she or he is in—crisis mode or planning mode? 

Keep it Brief

Simply give the topline takeaway first. If the person wants more or would like you to elaborate on what you’re saying, she’ll ask. If she doesn’t, you’ll get a thank you, after which both of you can move on.

Know Your Expertise

Don’t give advice if you don’t really know what you’re talking about. 

Be candid with that fact and point the person in the right direction or connect him with someone who is an expert on the topic at hand. 

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