How to Create an Effective Career Brand - Thrive Global - Deepstash
How to Create an Effective Career Brand - Thrive Global

How to Create an Effective Career Brand - Thrive Global


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How to Create an Effective Career Brand - Thrive Global

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Seth Godin

"Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand."


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You may excel as a project manager, marketer, scientist or astronaut but would anyone know?

Sharing specific examples of some challenges you’ve faced, and what resulted from your efforts builds your credibility.


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Statements like “successful,” “accomplished,” and, “dedicated,” to name a few, are empty words. Don’t take up precious space or time bandying them about.


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Create content 

One of the best ways to establish your brand is to write or speak about what you know. 

Even if you don’t have 10,000 readers, it’s an invaluable form of credibility when a potential client mentions a problem they’re having, and you can tell her, 'I just wrote a piece about that — let me send it to you' - Dorie Clark.


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 You may think you know yourself, but others may see you differently. 

A more accurate measure of your value is the perception held by others. Ask trusted members of your network for an example of when they’ve seen you at your best and the strengths they noticed you using. 


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What sets you apart from the thousands of others in your field? 

Your branding is more than a collection of facts. It’s an opportunity to express your passion and own your differentiation.


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If you want to reach your goals and develop your career, personal branding is essential. Creating a strong personal brand will make a great impression and earn people’s trust and respect. So take some time to craft your unique personal brand and watch the opportunities flowing in. It’s sure to be time well spent.