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The Incredible Power of Contentment

The Incredible Power of Contentment


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Contentment: The Choice Is Ours

Contentment: The Choice Is Ours

Life has challenges, misery and struggles for everyone inhabiting this planet, and it is our choice to be happy or unhappy, because our behaviours, thoughts and attitude are what makes our condition good or bad.

By counting our blessings and focusing on the good things in life, instead of the one bad thing that has happened and is the center of attention, we choose to have power over the situation and stir life towards happiness, in spite of the circumstances.


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The Process Of Transformation Through Contentment

  • When we feel a sense of contentment, our satisfaction influences our overall happiness.
  • A simple, minimalistic way of life can help us curb many unwanted desires that cause misery in the future (including financial troubles).
  • The contentment over our significant other boosts any relationship and avoids our efforts to change others into versions we like.
  • Contentment leads us to accept our children and love them as they are, instead of imposing undesirable conditions on them.
  • Being content with a good job helps us avoid being a complaining, grumpy person, leading to more opportunities in the future.
  • Social change is possible if we are content with ourselves and can therefore work positively in the bigger issues that plague the earth.


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Moving Towards Contentment

  • Focus on and give gratitude for what you have, and not what you have lost.
  • Take a deep breath when you try to change someone, understand that their faults are part of the package.
  • When you have an urge to buy something, wait for 30 days.
  • Appreciate your life, reflecting on the moments like a good walk in nature in the morning, looking at the rising sun.
  • Give people a smile and thank them for their work.
  • Just breathe and smile, taking the time to pause for calmness and serenity.


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Thomas Paine

"The greatest remedy for anger is delay."

Thomas Paine

Postponing Things With Little Value

We often have an urge to do things that have no productive value, but we still do them due to the forces of habit or when we cannot say no to others.An effective way to deal with such tasks is to delay them.

Whether it is snacking, playing a video game, browsing videos, or even smoking, one can delay the desire for doing the activity by keeping oneself intentionally busy.

Listen To Understand

While listening to others speak, a million thoughts come to our mind, about how we have handled similar situations, and how many mistakes the other person has made in what is being stated. We normally blurt out at the first chance and criticize the other person, or boast about our superhuman abilities.

A better way is to delay that, keeping quiet and simply listening to the other person, focusing on one's breath if needed.

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Disruption of Progress

Disruption of Progress

Whenever an outside force interrupts our progress - we skip gym for a day or two for example - it sends a message to our brains that we aren't good enough and ...

The Magic of a Fresh Start

A fresh start allows us to let go of what's happened in the past and just be present for ourselves at the moment. It allows us to learn from our failures and gives us the opportunity to do better, to be better, and to grow past the difficulties.

We are allowed to reinvent ourselves and what ever we may be facing. We can reinvent what we want our lives to be. We can always recommit, and remind ourselves why we are committed to this. This fresh start is available to us in every single moment.

It’s The Little Things

As the world gets complicated and stressful, it is increasingly common to be annoyed at the little things, like a dog barking outside, or by someone making a comment.

It w...

Waiting To Be Happy

Waiting to be happy until everything and everyone is exactly according to how you want it to be is the easiest way to stay unhappy and frustrated.

Would you wait for all the lights to turn green in your route before starting your car? That is exactly what we do when we depend on people, events and circumstances to turn right for us to start being happy.

The Reason For Our Annoyances

  • Our annoyances come from how we perceive and interpret the world around us.
  • When people around us do not behave like we want them to, we find that irritating.
  • The world usually isn’t how we want it to be, and that is frustrating.
  • This constant expectation makes us unhappy, hurting our relationships and affecting our work.