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How To Be Effortlessly Charismatic

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Start With Something Positive

Start With Something Positive

When telling someone he's wrong, don't be too direct with your approach:

Before jumping right in with something like, “This is really wrong!”, try saying, “It’s evident that you put a ton of time and effort into this project, and it looks great!


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Avoid Sounding Authoritative

Avoid Sounding Authoritative

Being overly authoritative, confrontational, and closed-minded when making a correction will only make you look pretentious and condescending. 

Be open for discussion and try saying “I’m looking at page 10 of this document, and something’s not quite matching up for me. Can we take a quick look at this part together?”


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Incorporate Questions

Incorporate Questions

Phrasing things as inquiries, rather than statements, makes it obvious that your intention is to facilitate a conversation that ultimately improves the end result—not just dole out strict demands.


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Provide Evidence

Provide Evidence

Evidence is helpful for demonstrating that you have logical reasoning behind your correction—and that you’re not just shouting out random remarks to make your co-worker look incompetent.


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Offer Help

Offer Help

It’s your chance to demonstrate that you weren’t trying to be insulting. Plus, you’ll be able to ensure that everything is correct the second time around.


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Use a Gentle, Helpful Tone

Use a Gentle, Helpful Tone

When correcting someone, avoid yelling or screaming, don't use short sentences and avoid using defensive body language.

Try to maintain an overall positive posture.


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