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How to Be More Articulate And Improve Your Speech

How to Be More Articulate And Improve Your Speech


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Listen to yourself speak

Most people don't like to hear their own voice, but nothing will squash those verbal ticks quite like listening to yourself speak. Record yourself in a natural conversation, such as a conference call, then replay and listen to yourself speak.

Pay attention to fille...

If you are not sure if you’re speaking too fast or too slow, copy and paste a 160-word passage into a word processor. Read the excerpt aloud at your normal speed while recording yourself. It should take about a minute.

A normal conversation should take about 155 to 175 words per minut...

Words such as "um," "like," and "ahh," can make you sound unsure and inarticulate.

Replace these filler words with fluent words. "Um," tells your audience that you're collecting your thoughts. Instead, use 'Let's move on to ...' or 'A...

Make a conscious effort to pronounce each syllable and avoid mumbling or trailing off.

Pay attention to the Ts in contractions and the last words in a sentence.

Articulate speakers learn from other speakers.

Find a radio show or podcast you enjoy, and spend some time analysing the host's speech.

Your posture impacts the way people perceive your ideas.

Extend your vocal cords by keeping your chin parallel to the floor, sitting up straight, and avoid moving your hands too much.

Know what you want to say.

When you have a clear idea of what you want to communicate, you can organise your thoughts into a coherent structure.

Once you know your weaknesses, create a plan for overcoming them.

Tackle a specific issue each day. Focus on filler words on Monday, and on completing your sentences on Tuesday. Repeat the process until speaking clearly is a habit.

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