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What is Mental Health?

What is Mental Health?

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The healthy mind filters through thoughts

The healthy mind filters through thoughts

A mind in a healthy state is continuously performing a set of manoeuvres that uphold our moods.

A healthy mind is an editing mind that filters through particular ideas and sensations that actively need to be entertained so that we can direct our lives effectively.


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A healthy mind resists temptations

A healthy mind resists unfair comparisons. It does not allow the successes of others to make us feel inadequate; neither does it frequently find fault with its own nature.

A healthy mind keeps at bay critical judgements. It does not tell us how appalling we are; instead, it allows us to talk to ourselves as we would to a friend.


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A healthy mind keeps a good grip on fear

A healthy mind knows that there are endless problems we could worry about. It can distinguish between what could conceivably happen and what is likely to happen.

It avoids catastrophic imaginings. It is confident that terrible things will either not happen, or it could be dealt with ably enough.


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A healthy mind focuses on the present

A healthy mind can compartmentalise your thoughts. Not all thoughts belong to all moments.

A healthy mind can quieten its preoccupations in order to focus on the present and stay engaged with what and who is immediately around.


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A healthy mind knows how to appreciate things

A healthy mind knows how to isolate negativity. It clings to evidence of what is still kind and beautiful.

It remembers to appreciate even the little things. It still looks forward to a hot bath, some dried fruit or dark chocolate, a chat with a friend.


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Today, what could be more important than your health? Seriously.

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