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"Work Culture" is Finally Changing: What's Your Dream Career?

"Work Culture" is Finally Changing: What's Your Dream Career?

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A Changing Work Culture

A Changing Work Culture

The work culture is changing globally. On one side we have large, established companies which are the gravest offenders. They have deeply entrenched hierarchies, rules, regulations, and procedures that force employees to conform.

On the other side, we have the emerging trends of artificial intelligence, peer to peer opportunities. These trends are seen as disruptors of the status quo.


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Companies are recognizing that the old way may amplify the employee's resentment to the conformance and the 'fitting in', and that they must upgrade their culture.


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New Choices in the Old Way

New Choices in the Old Way

  • The traditional career path now offers new kinds of digital opportunities as new technologies offer new possibilities and are also streamlining the old operation process.

  • As Big Tech expands further, new innovations will transform many current jobs.
  • It is a good idea to keep looking, keep learning, and be ready to pivot.


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The New Entrepreneurs

The New Entrepreneurs

This digital revolution is giving rise to new kinds of entrepreneurship. New technologies are amplifying and accelerating each other.

There will be entrepreneurs who focus on inventing new digital technologies, those who use existing technology to disrupt old business models and finally those who cultivate the new tech to offer customized products or services.


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The Internal Disruptor

The Internal Disruptor

As many older business models struggle with digital transformation, they need internal disruptors who can transition help transition them to the new digital economy.


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Being a Disruptor

Being a Disruptor

Operating and transitioning inside a new space has many advantages:

There is a lot of self-learning, challenges, out-of-box thinking, and diversity.

Being a disruptor involves working with the freedom to experiment, which is invaluable.


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Reading is my passion, leadership is my favourite non-fiction. A bit of a geek.

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