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Here Are The 4 Simple Introspection Steps That Will Boost Self Awareness

Here Are The 4 Simple Introspection Steps That Will Boost Self Awareness

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Importance of Self-Awareness

Research reveals that knowing yourself better results in stronger relationships, a sense of purpose, greater well-being, self-acceptance, and happiness.

Knowing yourself will make you a better manager, colleague, parent, spouse, and friend.


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It means paying attention to yourself and knowing whether you're happy with what's happening in your world.

It means understanding your personality, your values, your relationships, and your beliefs.


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Elements of Self-Awareness

  • Introspection is the process of trying to access your internal psychological processes, judgments, perceptions, or states.
  • Self-reflection increases your ability to exercise control over your emotions. It involves the examination, contemplation, and analysis of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Insight is the awareness of a solution to a problem and the result of self-reflection and introspection.


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Introspection: What not to do

  • Don't think about yourself all the time.
  • Don't ask why. "Why do I feel this way?" Our brains will point to the most obvious answer that confirms our pre-existing beliefs.
  • Avoid asking yourself a question that is centered around the problem. "What difficulty am I facing right now?" 


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The Right Questions

Ask solution-focused questions. It will help you to find potential answers to the problem and increase your confidence in your ability to solve future problems.

  • Ask "What am I feeling right now?" to help you name your emotions.
  • Ask "What is a possible solution to this problem?" and then "What is one way to move toward creating this solution?"


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Cultivate Self Awareness

Instead of jumping to quick solutions, schedule at least 15 minutes daily to sit down and think without interruptions.

  • Make reflection the first activity of your day.
  • Write down on paper what you are feeling.
  • Don't allow negativity or blame.


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Mediation and midnfulness really do change your perspective on life, it did for me.

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