Put on a happy face? “Deep acting” associated with improved work life - Deepstash
Put on a happy face? “Deep acting” associated with improved work life

Put on a happy face? “Deep acting” associated with improved work life

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Deep Acting

Deep Acting

Deep acting is the emotional labour we put in our personality and actions that fulfil the expectations of a desired role.

Just as flight attendants have to be happy at their jobs, and bill collectors have to be nasty, we all have to modify our emotions to suit the various roles we play in our lives.


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Surface Acting

Fake emotions displayed mainly on the surface for the sake of the job profile are termed as surface acting.

It is the Mcdonalds checkout guy who gives a polite smile because he is told to or the CEO who has to hide his imposter syndrome or the bouncer at a concert who has to scowl and appear menacing even though he too is enjoying the show.

Surface acting is degrading to our well-being as it is a disconnect from our true nature and leads to exhaustion and self-estrangement.


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Service With A Smile: Research On Emotional Labour

There are four emotional strategies in workers who are handling customers or clients:

  • Deep Actors, who feel what they show, are emotionally healthy and aren’t disconnected with themselves. The genuineness of their emotions makes them authentic and trustworthy.
  • Low Actors are the ones doing surface acting.
  • Non-Actors are doing minimum emotional labour and appear disinterested or aloof.
  • Regulators are switching between not caring to act or doing some surface acting.


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Let’s Be Nice To Each Other

Being genuinely nice has the maximum impact on one’s emotional health and also helps in better performance while improving social relationships.

  • Surface acting, or faking your emotions taxes the brain so much that it leads to fatigue.
  • Deep acting is a working person's best bet to improve their emotional performance.


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