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5 Rumi Quotes That Will Transform Your Outlook on Life

5 Rumi Quotes That Will Transform Your Outlook on Life


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5 Rumi Quotes That Will Transform Your Outlook on Life

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"Be grateful for your life, every detail of it, and your face will come to shine like a sun, and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful.”


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How you can apply it

  • Writing a thank-you note to someone you value.
  • Thanking someone mentally for something they have done or said.
  • Keeping a journal where you write things or people you're grateful for. 
  • Sitting down to count your blessings - list out all the things you're truly blessed with in life.
  • Meditating with a focus on specific things you're grateful for. Being grateful will make your brain release chemicals like endorphins and dopamine.

These things will make you happier and will improve your mood.


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"Be a helpful friend, like a green tree bearing always new fruit."


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How you can apply it

  • Recognize when someone is struggling, ans ask how they are.
  • Ask how you can help a friend, at work, or your spourse.
  • Appreciate and recognize people, they will value it enormously.

When you help someone out, you feel great. 

To build trust with and beyond our community, we need to cooperate. To help out, and be willing to get the help we need, when we are vulnerable.


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"Laugh as much as you breath. Love as long as you live."


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How you can apply it

  • See the bright side in every situation. Seek out the positive, and even the comical, in your everyday life. 
  • Have a good laugh as often as you can.
  • Take a step back: in difficult situations, realize that all is temporary.

Laughter seems to be effective in avoiding goind down a negative spiral. Laughter helps to counteract this spike, triggering a more positive feeling which rewires your brain to look for positive things. 


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"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion."


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How you can apply it

  • Focus on self-growth and improvement. Read inspiring stories, rather than spending hour on social media. 
  • Sorround yourself with positive people whose outlook on life moves you forward, rather than holds you back.
  • Set some goals, You can try the “BHAG” technique here. 
  • Set yourself some inspiring targets, deadlines to achieve them, and go after them relentlessly. 


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"Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die. We have the spark that starts the fire."


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