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Learn how to turn problems into opportunities

Instead of seeing only the negative, we might also try to find opportunities.

Small, daily inconveniences and life-changing events can become opportunities that lead us to new heights. Try to make a habit of looking for the chance in every negative situation.



Take a rational approach

Sometimes, taking a rational approach can help us see it for what it really is.

By analyzing a situation rationally, we can see that it’s not so bad and take a more positive attitude towards it.


When we feel satisfied with our efforts, regardless of the outcome, we can feel good about ourselves and the world.

This means that even if nobody expects you to do well or if the situation is low-stakes, you should try to deliver your best work to feel in control and good about yourself.


Don’t believe everything that comes into your head! It’s easy to imagine disaster and catastrophe, but it’s more useful to make a habit out of challenging these ideas.

Your brain might be good at coming up with worst-case scenarios, so why not counteract these with the best-case options?


It’s very easy to notice everything that’s going wrong around you. But it’s also very important to pay attention to the good things.

Ask yourself every day: What can I be grateful for right now? What do I have in my life that I cherish? What small things can I enjoy today?

Making an effort to focus on the good can do a lot to improve your attitude.


If you are always surrounded by complainers, it’s hard not to be negative too. Seek out the people who are optimistic, positive, and full of cheer.

...so make an effort to find people who inspire you to be more positive.


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