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Can you buy a better night’s sleep?

Can you buy a better night’s sleep?


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Can you buy a better night’s sleep?

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Sleep Demand Is On An All-Time High

Sleep is one of the three pillars of health, along with exercise and nutrition.

The need to sleep better is topping the charts, as app makers and manufacturers struggle to meet the demand for services and products designed for better sleep, like live sleep sessions, weighted blankets, sleep masks, and high-tech mattresses.


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  • According to 2019 research, the amount of money spent on sleep products like mattresses, pillows, tracking devices and lamps globally tops USD 400 billion.
  • Social media, E-commerce websites and even online magazines have jumped on the snooze bandwagon, with pictures, ideas, mantras and articles about sleep.
  • Pinterest has put ‘Sleep Care’ as its 2021 trend, with a surge in keywords like Sleep Yoga, or Night Affirmations Sleep.


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The pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have changed our work patterns and made us more sedentary.

Sleep was always neglected but apart from insomniacs and people having sleep disorders, not many talked about getting better sleep earlier, as it was considered a necessary activity constantly disturbing their life (partying, watching Netflix etc.)


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Apart from a few herbs, exercise, and nutritional changes, most sleep-related products are not backed by scientific research. Many people who cannot sleep become dysfunctional as their body triggers alarms, and start to panic. They become gullible to buy anything that the market offers promising better sleep.

Going to bed early without engaging with the phone or TV screens at night, for example, is an effective measure to ensure quality sleep, then buying cooling mattress pads or humidifiers.


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Humans didn’t need lotions, apps or even mattresses for millions of years, and yet they slept naturally. Nutrition and exercise, the two other pillars of health, are also milked by capitalism into billion-dollar industries for stuff we can do by ourselves naturally and with zero investment.

We need to treat the underlying causes of non-sleep and make our body and our environment conducive to it. The sleeping area should be quiet, dark, cool and comfortable. The mind should be quiet and the body relaxed.


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