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A Non-Clinging Mind

A mind that doesn’t need anything in particular, and is not favouring or attached to any sort of condition, expectation or preference would be at home and at ease no matter what the situation, circumstance or event.

Our mind is always clinging to how it wants things and does not like it otherwise. A Buddhist verse, stated in the Diamond Sutra, says that one should develop a mind that clings to nothing.



A non-clinging mind means having expectations of people treating you in a certain way, so you won’t be annoyed no matter how you are treated.

We tend to cling to how we want things to turn out. If we let go, we don’t need people to behave in any particular way and would be blissful and loving no matter how people or things are.



  1. Notice when you are clinging to something and how it feels, like when you get frustrated, overeat or rush to your favourite distractions like Twitter or Netflix.
  2. Practice a simple daily meditation of 5 to 10 minutes for a month. Check how much you cling to your phone in the middle of meditating.
  3. Practice letting go, just like relaxing the grasping or tightening of your body. Whatever comes your way, enjoy it.
  4. Clinging is because we believe we are the centre of the universe and want things the way we like them.
  5. Change your perspective to go beyond just being self-focussed. Focus on others and be compassionate and supportive.
  6. See the beauty in everything around you, the trees, the moon, feeling the amazing universe and appreciating it.



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