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Environment, and Suggestion Impulse Buying

-visual cues are the greatest catalyst of our behavior

-a small change in what your see can lead to a big shift in what you do

-i must alter the spaces where i live and work to increase my exposure to positive cues and reduce exposure to negative cues

-be a designer of my world instead of a consumer of it


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"Resetting the room"

 -Oswald Nuckols understood the power of priming his environment. 

-He had a strategy called resetting the room, where after finishing an activity he put everything back to where it was meant to be.

-by depriming the environment, you can prevent negative behaviours. An example includes leaving your phone in a different room to prevent you from using it


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The 2 minute rule

-When starting a new habit, scale it down to a two-minute version to reduce the amount of friction required to do it.

-"Read before bed each night" becomes "Read one page"

- "study for class" becomes " open my notes/ open up studying page"

-make your habit as easy to start as possible

-Once you've started doing the right thing, it is much easier to keep doing it


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Using immediate avoidance to prevent bad habits

-Resisting temptations often does not feel enjoyable because in essence all you doing is nothing.

-Instead, make avoidance visible. Reward yourself for making the right decision. 

-Open a savings account and label it for something you want- maybe "Leather Jacket". Every time you pass on a purchase, put the same amount of money in the account.

-The immediate reward of seeing yourself save money toward the jacket feels a lot better than being deprived. You are making it satisfying to do nothing.


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Behavior Change

To change behavior 4 questions must be asked.

-How can i make it obvious?

-How can I make it attractive?

-How can I make it easy?

-How can I make it satisfying?


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Anchoring Good Behavior

-Pair a habit you need to do with habit you should do

-Pair a habit you want to do with a habit you should do

-Reduce friction for behaviors you want to do, and increase friction for behaviors you want to avoid


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