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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Building the workplace of the future

Building the workplace of the future

During the pandemic, companies had to rethink how to engage employees when they couldn't physically be together.

Now that they bring teams back, not all employees want to return to the way things were. Companies need unique office environments that encourage collaboration for a hybrid workforce. Managers should consider the work personas to create new arrangements.


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The traditional office worker persona

This person wants to get back to the office most of the time.**

The traditional office worker is not attracted to flexibility or rotating schedules. If this worker manages other teams, they need to take extra effort to recognise that their team members may have different personas.


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The experience lover persona

Before the epidemic, this persona was already interested in working away from the office some of the time. They value their work community but find that time away from the office also increases engagement and empowerment.

This worker will likely be interested in spending two to three days in the office. Leaders need to understand how to manage someone who is sometimes at home that won't disrupt other team members.


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The wellness addict persona

The wellness addicts value their work-life balance and health. Before the pandemic, this employee embraced remote work. While the experience-lover prefers more days in the office, the wellness addict prefers more days at home.

These employees need a company that will allow them to create a good balance.


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The free spirit persona

This employee is comfortable working remotely full time. They may come in for a special meeting or engagement but prefer to work at home.

The challenge for managers is to make sure those workers feel connected and included.


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How to use work personas

From an HR perspective, employees must be kept engaged and connected.

  • The experience lover, wellness addict, and free spirit will rely on technology to collaborate with coworkers. Key tools include video conferencing and project management platforms.
  • Leaders need training and intake tools to understand the personas on their teams. Employees want to align with companies that share their values. If you don't consider employees needs, you risk losing them to companies that do.


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“Efficiency is doing better that what is already being done.” Peter Drucker

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