Calming the Rush of Panic in Your Emotions - Mindful - Deepstash
Calming the Rush of Panic in Your Emotions - Mindful

Calming the Rush of Panic in Your Emotions - Mindful


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Calming the Rush of Panic in Your Emotions - Mindful

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It is a feeling that affects our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. As much as possible, we'd like to not panic and keep our cool but there will be instances that it comes as fast as lightning. There are many different emotions and feelings that come with panic such as:

  • terror
  • a feeling of impending doom
  • anxiety/worry
  • fear/anger
  • sadness
  • shame.


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People often remember their peers with the way they've been treated by them and how they made them feel.

We are all affected by our emotions and most of the times our emotions will show before we even think about it.


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The more we understand what’s driving our panic, the more we can be free of it. When our awareness and understanding grow brighter, the obscurity of panic and fear recedes.

Mindful inquiry meditation is a meditative process of deep exploration of your body and mind, with a willingness to be in the unknown and the curiosity to see what's actually there.

This type of practice takes some willingness and courage. All we have to fear is fear itself.


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There are two important aspects to mindful inquiry in order to be able to work with panic, those are:

  1. Acknowledgment
  2. Letting be

Respectively, acknowledgment is being able to validate whatever we are currently feeling in our body and mind without the filters of avoidance, and being able to let things be will help us to ride the waves of panic and then dissipate after.


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