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How To Be Objective When You're Emotionally Invested

How To Be Objective When You're Emotionally Invested


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How To Be Objective When You're Emotionally Invested

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If you think you're really objective, you're wrong. We all like to think we are objective, but the reality is we all have biases that interfere with our ability to evaluate a situation accurately.

If we do not manage these biases, our lack of objectivity may cost us in lost opportunities, money, relationships, and other ways.


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We leave clues when we're less objective.

If you're getting irritated or highly emotional about a topic, you're probably not thinking rationally or objectively. You might be emotionally invested in the subject or hold particular beliefs that prevent you from looking at other viewpoints.


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Seek Out Different Opinions

The best way to become more objective is to broaden the input you're receiving.

Build a network of people you respect who holds different viewpoints from your own. Seek out their opinions on various matters.


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If you're naturally a people pleaser, you may be making decisions partly because you want to avoid unpleasantness with others. It can prevent you from weighing the facts based on their merits.


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When you think you know everything about a subject, it's time to check your views.

Seek out new viewpoints from others. Ask people in a nonthreatening way how their perspectives differ. 'Here's what I'm seeing. Do you see it differently?' Then compare points and see where you might be missing something.


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