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How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey | TEDxManchester

How to Get Your Brain to Focus | Chris Bailey | TEDxManchester

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Scatter focus to be more productive

It's not just about fewer distractions but also about the mind being less stimulated.

If we are distracted in each moment, those moments of overstimulation add up to create a life that feels overwhelming

Scatter focus - let your mind deliberately wa...

Novelty bias - the reason we can't stop checking notifications

It becomes so easily a habit because our brain craves these distractions - it's a mechanism in our mind called the 'novelty bias'.

Research shows, that one of the pleasure neurochemicals, dopamine, is released when we stop & check emails, notifications, social media updates...

Mind's perspective bias - Where does our mind like to focus?

Research shows, when we just let our mind wander, it goes to 3 main places: past, present, & future.

But we think of the past only 12% the time (in that too we are often recalling ideas), 28% we think of present, and thoughts of the future takes up 48% of the time. The remaining 12%...

Overstimulation is the enemy of focus

Instead of trying to fit more in, allowing our mind space to wander and come up with ideas & plans that make us more effectively productive.

To feel the effect, try this for 2 weeks (because research shows it takes about 8 days for the mind to fully calm down & rest):

Distraction is just a symptom

The root cause of distraction is an overstimulated brain. 

Research shows working on computer with smartphone near, we focus on one thing for only 40 seconds before getting distracted or interrupted...& with chatboxes open, it comes down to 35 seconds.

We are ...

- Chris BailEY

"The state of our attention

is what determines

the state of our lives."

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