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5 Decision-making Types: Which One Are You?

5 Decision-making Types: Which One Are You?

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5 Decision-making Types: Which One Are You?

5 Decision-making Types: Which One Are You?

  • To achieve any form of success in life, there are certain key elements to recognize
  • You are definitely going to need talent, hard work and some form of luck here and there
  • But one of the very intrinsic thing that you need that people don't talk often 
  • Is to know how you make decisions on a very subconscious level 
  • Because you are going to make shit loads of decisions on the way of life 


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  • The visionary are natural leaders and can lead teams under turbulent times
  • These cateagory of people take decisions quickly
  • And hece can either achive massive success in short frame of time with some right decisions at the right time
  • Or can waste their and their teams time and resources by heading in a wrong direction
  • If you are a visionary leader, you should seek the opinions and views of a broad group
  • And only that way can you get a wider set of views and information that can be critical to success
  • Does not sound like you then read the next cataegory


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  • Guardian is like a "model of fairness who preserves the health, balance, and values of the organization."
  • These people have a very wide source of knowledge and inspiration
  • They have a fact-checked process of decision making and avoid taking decisions in a rush
  • These people like continuity and plan out stuff very well 
  • While such a mental model of decision making might help in good times
  • But in the time of crisis, this might not be helpful
  •  To ensure the right moment for you and your team you have to keep questioning the very deeply held beliefs 


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  • Motivators are charismatic, can convince people of the need for action, and are great at building connections. 
  • They are great story tellers and emphasize it over statistical facts 
  • Motivators need to explore the existing facts and see if it fits into their own narrative 
  • To ensure weather your decisions are correct as a motivator always validate your narrative with straight facts


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  • Flexible leaders are, as the name suggests, more versatile than other types of leaders 
  • Comfortable with uncertainty, open-minded in adapting to circumstances, 
  • And willing to involve a variety of people in the decision making. They are fairly cautious when it comes to making decisions.
  • The problem with flexible leaders is that they can become too open-minded
  • Looking at all the potential issues, solutions, and outcomes and often running into analysis paralysis.
  • Setting up deadlines and moving one step at a time can help facilitate such a mental model 


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  • The catalyst is an excellent person to lead the work of groups, whether making decisions or implementing them.
  •  They are quite balanced and neutral in their thought process. 
  • The more extreme the necessary decision, the more they can naturally resist inherent biases.
  • That said, being middle of the road can yield only average results. 
  • To avoid that, a catalyst should watch for circumstances that require high-stakes decisions 
  • And realize that they may need a different type of decision process, like having a team look at the situation and suggest potential approaches.


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