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7 Hobbies That Make You Smarter According To Science

7 Hobbies That Make You Smarter According To Science



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Engaging in New Hobbies

Engaging in new hobbies requires to learn new skills that put extra pressure on the brain to work faster and better. 

1. Playing Musical Instruments.

Studies show that playing music boosts language, analytical skills, memory, fine motor skills, executive skills, problem-solving skills besides creativity

A lot of b...

2. Read Like No Tomorrow

Reading increases crystallized, fluid, and emotional intelligence makes confident and smarter than others. Better able to navigate everyday life and solve problems. Researchers have found that vivid readers have high brain flexibility,...

3. Meditate Daily.

Meditation is the oldest form of relaxation technique that significantly affects every part of the brain and benefits the mind and body.

Once Buddha was asked, “what have you gained from meditation?” He replied, “Nothing”...

4.Brainstorm To Become Smarter

Brainstorming complicated chess games or tough riddles changes neural pathways and synapses, which help us to see things from different points of view. It helps us understand the cause and effect of behaviors and emotions. 

As our cognitive abilities improve, we become aware of new patterns...

5. Be Physically Active

Regular exercise strengthens connections between brain cells and increases 

6. Learn A Foreign Language

People who can speak more than one language are better at solving puzzles than people who speak only one language. Learning new languages is one of the wonderful hobbies that make your brain sharp. It boosts your critical thinking, listening skills, attentiveness and makes you perform bette...

7. Test Your Cumulative Learning.

Keeping track of important details and bits of knowledge you acquire during meetings and conferences. Maintain a small journal to note down anything that strikes your attention.

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