The Unnecessary Fragmentation of Design Jobs: UX AND UI, WHY OH

A lot of industry newcomers are struggling to gain the right experience and make portfolios to match our foggy job definitions

Even worse, the companies hiring seem equally puzzled. This must be happening because everyone can barely keep up with the demand for design work. Companies are racing to fill seats and execute hastily-defined design processes without bothering to question if it’s all necessary for their particular business.


The Unnecessary Fragmentation of Design Jobs

Design requires a holistic grasp of problems, potential, and materials.

  • If you’re only focused on examining problems, you’re not empowered to dream up the proper solutions.
  • If you’re only dreaming up what you could do, you’re not close enough to the ground-level truth.
  • If you’re only working on the nitty-gritty implementation, you know about the what but not a lot about the why.


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