Experienced and junior developers

A company prefers to recruit experienced developers. Their output is better. The solutions that they select are more robust, creative and scalable. The medium-senior developer understands the problems, and probably, knows how to avoid traps and how to minimize the number of bugs. Besides, these developers code is faster and they work independently.

But money is the crucial resource in our world, and junior developers are cheaper significantly. In addition, there are a lot of junior developers, and it can be tempting to recruit one of them.


The Risky Game of Relying on a Junior Developers Team


  • Not every medium developer can do this mission without guide and intention. 
  • Many managers fall into the trap of recruiting of many junior developers to the same team. They think that if you put the juniors with a strong mentor, all the world problems will be solved. 
  • A mentor is not a magician. Mentorship is a hard mission.


Rule of thumb, when the mentors busy with the juniors, the others need to balance the equation.

They get more core tasks and be the part that allowing the mentors to mentors and the juniors to study. They are responsible for the progress of the product. It can be a very burden to be such a developer over time


Shuffling and shakes to the team are not natural and that it cost, sometimes a lot. You need to dose and do it carefully. 

If shuffling is necessary, be sure that they won’t happened less than nine months or one year one after the another. Be sure that your mentors are not grinding and the other developers are not exhaustive.


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