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3 Ways AI Can Help You Improve Diversity

3 Ways AI Can Help You Improve Diversity

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Quantify to Rectify Stereotypes

Quantify to Rectify Stereotypes

Stereotypes create a “believing is seeing” situation where people distort reality to fit their biased view of a given group.

To resolve such bias, create transparency around who contributes what and how, so that actual performance is quantified fairly and visible.

Popular tech collaboration platforms like Slack, Dropbox, and Zoom unobtrusively capture real-time performance information that can be mined with AI to reveal unprecedented windows into the drivers of organizational performance: who leads thinking around a specific project, resolves key problems, and so on.


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Look through the Lens of Teams, Not Individuals

The famed 


Much business today hinges on teamwork.

A basic question might no longer be whether teams of all men or all women perform best, but whether more gender-balanced teams perform better than those heavily weighted toward men or women.

A 20-year period research found that controlling for individual past success, mixed-gender, balanced teams are more likely to publish more influential ideas than all-male or all-female groups.


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Innovate Your People Policies

Data is critical to creating effective, innovative people policies, especially as labor markets and work arrangements change.

One company recently 

used data

The company is now able to make better offers, reinforce a culture of support, and increase their yield of top talent, with no real increase in costs.

Take a similar, open-minded approach to examining your policies and practices and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.


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