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Want Better Ideas? Follow These Easy Brainstorming Rules

Want Better Ideas? Follow These Easy Brainstorming Rules

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Only invite brains

Only invite brains

Every organization consists of 2 general types of people: 

  • a) those who agree with the boss all the time and
  • b) those who have their own ideas and opinions. 

The Yes-men and Yes-women only spout regurgitated pap, so don't invite them.


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Negative opinions

The ones that usually have negative ideas will come in handy later, when you're sorting through the ideas, but but they're not useful when you're generating them.


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Welcome "bad" ideas

 If you're brainstorming, don't characterizes  ideas as "bad."  Yes, there are bad ideas, but they're the fertilizer out of which good ideas grow.


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Keep it short

When it comes to brainstorming meetings, the terms "long" and "productive" are an oxymoron. 

Think 15 to 20 minutes. The moment everyone's energy starts to flag, end the meeting before the storm turns into a dull drizzle.


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Some rules to keep in mind

  • Suspend your judgment: approach all ideas--even ones that normally might seem lame--with a sense of  possibility.
  • Go for quantity. The object of brainstorming is to get as many of ideas on the table as possible in as short a time as possible.
  • Get everyone all wired up: Two magic words: caffeine & sugar. Apply in large doses before and during the session.
  • No electronics: No laptops, no phones, no exceptions.
  • Sleep on it:  Use the passage of some time to get perspective and only then consider and sort out the ideas that were generated.


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