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Simon Sinek explains that people want to work for a company that understands why they exist and are passionate about it.

Simon Sinek: How to Build a Company That People Want to Work For

Simon Sinek: How to Build a Company That People Want to Work For



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  1. Every organisation knows what they do.
  2. Some organisations know how they do it.
  3. Very few organisations understand why they do it.

Our ow...

  • The best companies are those where the founder or small group of founders personally suffered, or they couldn't get something or had to overcome something.
  • The weakest companies are those where someone sees a market opportuni...

  • The organisation. The reason a company exists goes far beyond the product or service and is what keeps the inspiration alive. People can be passionate about the different aspects of business, such as customer service instead of the product i...

The CEO's responsibility is to spread the cause, not just sell the product. So all the people that join the company understand that they're joining a social movement

For example, the people who work for Apple really think they will change the world. ...

Leadership is a practicable skill. Unfortunately, most MBA programs don't really teach leadership. They call it leadership, but it is actually management.

Leadership is a change in mindset. In leadership, we go through this transition where we are no longer...

There is a huge difference between being an entrepreneur and a small business owner. Not all small business owners are entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs own huge businesses, like Richard Branson, who owns 300 companies worth billions of dollars.

A small business owner owns a small b...

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One of the best speeches Simon Sinek held



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