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Co-Founder Mistakes That Kill Companies & How To Avoid Them

Co-Founder Mistakes That Kill Companies & How To Avoid Them

Y Combinator


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Not writing things down

It's vital to keep decisions in writing as we seldom remember things the way they went down.

It could be tough to handle disagreements or wrong actions after the fact if you did not write it down. It's clumsy to talk about, for example, who gets what percentage of the company. 

Whatever skills a co-founder has when they join the company are not the only skills they'll ever have.

You learn also everything on the job, so it's better to work with someone you know and like and learn together than someone you don't know.

Every relationship has ebbs and flows. When you disagree, you don't have to come to a resolution. Instead, you can pause for a while.

Understand how your co-founder deals with stress. Some people deal with stress by striking out, and some by retreating. If you understand your co-founder, yo...

When co-founders cannot have honest disagreements and have not had a real conversation in a long time, there might come a time when a breakup is inevitable.

The CEO's job is now not how to repair the relationship but how to separate most effectively and least destructively. It is best not t...

Adding co-founders later on can cause them to think that it's not their company. However, doing things together in the earliest stages will help people step up when they go through hard times.

Figure out the co-founder first before you raise money or come up with the next idea, then you can...

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