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5 elements of a great organizational culture

5 elements of a great organizational culture

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Great organisational cultures are built

Great organisational cultures are built

Companies that build great organisational cultures know what elements make the culture unique. When employees receive regular recognition, they feel encouraged to speak up, and team members feel like they belong.

There are five elements to a great organisational culture:

  • Recognition
  • Values
  • Employee voice
  • Leadership
  • Belonging


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Recognition is the biggest driver of employee engagement

Recognition makes team members feel supported and part of the team. Employees want to feel that their contribution matters. When they do, they engage more and are more productive.

Some organisations limit recognition to special occasions, but this fails to impact employees. Instead, instil a culture of frequent monetary and social recognition.


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The core part of your organisational culture should be your company values.

Start by laying out your company values. Use easy language that everyone can understand. Then encourage team members to live those values. Train leaders and managers how to show your company values in their actions and the team will follow.


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Employee voice

Employees should feel comfortable in expressing their opinions. Then employers can analyse the feedback and apply the insights to improve business outcomes.

Ensure managers are able to encourage and accept feedback while also providing confidential channels for anonymous feedback. Then use the information to spot opportunities and guide managers to act on the results.


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The leadership will define the business. If your employees believe in the leadership, you're set up for success. But if there's a disconnect, employees may disengage or leave.

Ensure your leaders are examples in all areas of your company, such as recognition and wellness, and emphasize the need to maintain open communication.


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Developing a sense of belonging needs a varied approach.

  • Welcome employees with a great onboarding process and align them with your culture.
  • Take the time to encourage honest feedback and incorporate it. This helps team members feel known.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) should be a priority.
  • Employees should be empowered to do their best work and recognised for it. They should be coached rather than micromanaged.
  • Create strong relationships with team building activities and create an accepting and psychologically safe working environment.


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