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In this TED Talk, Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi talks about self-discovery and the hindrances along the way to it and to personal growth. Learn why rainfall is an essential part of each flowering, and every small step a part of the journey to the highest peak.


The 5 Hindrances to Self-mastery

The 5 Hindrances to Self-mastery


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A man was living close to a mountain, and every day he was thinking: How would it be to climb that mountain and what would I see on the peak? So finally, the day came, and the man went on the journey. Arriving at the foot of the mountain, he met the first traveler. So he asked, "How did you get u...

So he continued to walk on the foot of the mountain until he met the next traveler. So once again he asked, "How did you climb up that mountain, and what did you see from the top?" And so again the traveler shared his story. Still not being determined on which direction and which way to go, the m...

What this story teaches us is, firstly, that each individual needs to find the most suitable way to climb that mountain. But secondly, there is information possible to be shared with words, but it is impossible to share the experience of clarity when you are stand...

Clarity means you see more clear. When you see more clear, interrelations become more apparent. When you see more clear, there is no need to believe anyone or anything. Seeing clearly means you can distinguish for yourself which is the proper direction to take and which decisions you have...

Along your personal journey, you will encounter challenges. Those challenges will either prevent you, or some of them even stop you, from moving on and climbing that mountain. In the Shaolin practice, they are referred to as "the five hindrances." The five hindrances are describing differ...

The first hindrance is called "sensual desire." Sensual desire arises in the moment when you are paying attention to something that is giving you a positive emotion. This positive emotion can originate from five gates of your body: Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or feeling.

When you follow that temptation, you have already lost your track. 

When this temptation becomes so strong that you don't want to leave that place anymore, then the sensual desire has turned into an obsession.

In both cases, remaining at that ...

The second hindrance, "ill-will," describes the state of the mind that arises from negative emotions. In that state of the mind, you have an aversion, a rejection, or simply a dislike against either an object, a situation, or can be even a person. To simplify, it means: ...

The third hindrance originally translated as "sloth and torpor." "Sloth" means it’s the heaviness of the body. "Torpor" means it’s the dullness of the mind. It is characterized by sleepiness, non-motivation, lack of energy, and oftentimes can manifest itself in a state of depression.

The fourth hindrance is called "restlessness." It is the state of an unsettled mind. "Unsettle mind" means your mind cannot settle. Settle where? Settle in the present moment. An unsettled mind either is worrying about the future or traveling into the past and rejecting, judging about an ...

The last of the five hindrances is called "skeptical doubt," and it's very closely related to a state of mind which is based on indecisiveness. It is very easy in that state of mind getting lost in thoughts. Can I do this? Is this the right path? What will the others say? “What if” this? ...

First, you need to align and structure your life in such a way to prevent those hindrances from arising. If you are not successful, you need to use techniques in order to remove them. Each of these hindrances is placing a dark cloud on your mind, or on the way of your climb. Simply remember one t...

This is a four step method to help you in removing the 5 hindrances. The first step is recognize in what state of the mind you are finding yourself in. Afterwards, learn to accept, acknowledge, and allow the situation or the person to be the way it is, to be the way they are. Investigate your emo...

All of our lifetimes, all of our lives are too unique to copy the path from someone else. 

To bring meaning to your life, to bring value into your life, you need to learn and master yourself, and don't let the hindrances sto...


If any of you chooses to climb that path to clarity, I would be very happy to meet you at the peak. 

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