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Team Productivity: Striking a Balance Between Being a Boss and Friend

Team Productivity: Striking a Balance Between Being a Boss and Friend


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Colleagues With Benefits

Numerous research projects have found that having friends at work is a good thing. Science has found that meaningful friendships in the workplace have benefits like increased emotional well-being, trust, and ...

The Pros And Cons Of Having Friendships At Work

You can be friends with your employees. That’s because it comes with advantages like having a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The connection can also help you get to know each other better. As a result, you’ll have more respect and appreciation for one another. And, you’ll be more committed to helpin...

Treat Everyone The Same

Sometimes it isn’t easy to treat all people the same, but keep this in mind at all times. The balancing act is somewhat like being a parent who has more than one child. You can’t pick favourites, and you need to be consistent.  

  • Resist hiring anyone merely because of their sunny dispos...

Don’t Be a Toxic Leader

Avoid disastrous leadership mistakes like:

  • Publicly creating and bullying others.
  • Failing to share and receive feedback.
  • Discouraging creativity and innovation.
  • Solving problems with a quick fix.
  • Not properly delegating work to the right people.
  • ...

There needs to be some distance between you and your employees. After all, you still need to have some sort of perception of hierarchy. Some understanding of authority ensures that everyone can get along just well without crossing the line.

The best way to stay within guidelines is by estab...

Take The Time to Nurture The Relationship

Don’t hide out in your office all day. Get out there and mingle with everyone. Have them lunch with them -- schedule one-on-ones with each team member. And, occasionally get your hands dirty and work in the trenches with them.

When you take the time to get to know your employees, you get to...

Honesty is one of the best principles you can use to establish a healthy balance between caring for your employees and leading them professionally.

The closer you get to someone on a personal level, the harder it becomes to give them honest feedback as employees.


If you don’t feel confident enough to strike a balance between being a boss and friend, seek assistance from someone else. For instance, you may want to have an unbiased party make important decisions, such as promoting or firing employees....

As the boss, you'll want to take care of your own well being as far as workplace connections. Do what's best for your emotional well being and your emotional intelligence so that you can stay at the top of your team productivity.



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