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Manage your energy, not your time.

Manage your energy, not your time.

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Energy- Feeling Of Capacity

Energy- Feeling Of Capacity

Motivational energy from achieving goals, dreams and desire fulfillment.

Emotional energy from trust of friends and family.

Intellectual energy from practicing mindfulness, experience and knowledge.

Physical energy obtained from good sleep, exercise and recovery.


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Things that are Important but not the Core.

Things that are Important but not the Core.

You probably came across development and self help books which talk about motivation and life goals.

If you are tired on physical level you don't have energy on emotional and intellectual challenges.


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Interlink Of Various Energy.

Interlink Of Various Energy.

Physical recovery is a science that nobody talks about, only professional athletes know how important it is.


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Life Is Like The Only Car

Life Is Like The Only Car

Think of your body as a car you used to move through life. It's the only guide you have you can't sell it to replace it. How far you get in life and how quickly you get there depends on how well you take care of your car.

If you are not scheduling regular oil change and maintenance, you'll find yourself as disrepair.


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Want To Avoid Breakdown

Want To Avoid Breakdown

1. Keep Moving: studies show we are better when we exercise. Without the movement the car rusts, similarly without moment you feel demotivated and exhausted.

2. Take breaks: our bodies are not designed to work 8 hr straight. Take atleast 15mins break in an hr.

3.Sleep: it s the absolute minimum you owe your body everyday. Its like daily energy recovery.

4. Fuel: you can't put any fuel in your ka do you really think your body is okay with junk food and soda. So eat healthy conciously, not just for yourself but totake care of your brain and body.


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If You Are Tired

If You Are Tired

You need to give a chance to your body to recover.


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What Is The Best Way To Recover

What Is The Best Way To Recover

Like you take your car to repair shop or wash.

Remember recovery is active not passive. Lying on bed and watching tv won't nelp, pur body needs change. Take a walk in park, get a massage, go to yoga class, meditate.

Find your way that suits you.

Find a stress and energy measurements to track which energy recovery techniques suits you.


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Energy management over time management.

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