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The Science of Keeping the Brain Healthy | Episode 7

The Science of Keeping the Brain Healthy | Episode 7

Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair


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Dr David Sinclair's introduction

Dr David Sinclair is a professor of genetics at Harvard, a co-director of the Paul F Glenn Centre for Biology of Aging Research, and an author.

His research and biotech companies focus on understanding why we age and how to slow its effects.

The new idea of ageing is that it’s not just random stuff in your body going wrong. There’s actually a program that starts at birth. The Horvath clock or epigenetic clock is the biological clock that is ticking all the time. The clock is measured by the methylation of the DNA. A chemical called m...

The brain ages different to the body

The brain age ages slower than the rest of the body. The brain has super protective mechanisms that keep the brain younger for longer. 

After the age of 40, the volume of the brain reduces about 5% per decade. However, you can slow that process down and even reverse it later in life.

Three main longevity factors that respond to adversity

  • mTOR, responds to low amounts of amino acids, particularly leucine, isoleucine, valine.
  • AMPK pathway. AMPK senses low energy, low glucose levels, and makes more energy, more mitochondria, boost NAD.
  • Sirtuins. The sirtuins req...

While your body clock is ticking away, the loops and bundles of the DNA are getting messed up. When a cell is overstressed and damaged, the sirtuins have two jobs:

  1. They have to make bundles of DNA and ensure the cell has its identity. When the chromosomes break or you crush a cell, th...

All three pathways play a role in autophagy (cleaning out damaged cells), but mTOR is the most potent. mTOR responds to insulin signalling and fasting. In response, it mobilises proteins to be recycled and made into new proteins when you’re hungry. 

When we get older, we have misfiled prote...

Diet and Exercise

A good Mediterranean-type diet protects the brain from ageing and can even reverse aspects of ageing in the elderly.

A Mediterranean diet includes olive oil in the diet, red wine, and very little red meat.

  • Red wine has polyphenols that directly activate SIRT1.

B vitamins and omega 3s

  • If you eat a plant-based diet, supplement with vitB12, B6 and B3. These B vitamins ensure you have the methyls that control the DNA methylation clock.
  • Low levels of B12 can cause deficiency and errors in DNA methylation and can accelerate heart disease and dementia.
  • Omega-3s ...

  • High blood sugar is bad for brain activity and leads to dysfunction in all tissue.
  • Metformin has had good success in improving brain health.
  • Taking 250mg of nicotinamide riboside (NR) daily will likely increase NAD and decrease inflammation.
  • Nicotinamide mononucleotid...

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This podcast focuses on micronutrients that are essential for brain and body health.



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Conscious and unconscious salt intake and sensing modulate cravings for sugar, water, and other things have a direct relationship between the stress system (glucocorticoid system) and the salt craving system if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.



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