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Teams can be resilient when they have systems for support and dialogue.


Stop Telling Employees to Be Resilient

Stop Telling Employees to Be Resilient


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Resilience is not the answer to everything

Resilience - the ability to withstand hardship and bounce back from difficult events - is helpful when it comes to work. However,  it is often presented in a way that overlooks issues while employees must bear whatever comes in the way.

It is much easier to be resilient in an envir...

Make well-being a collective practice

Teams can put shared practices into place that make it easier for individuals to improve their well-being. Saying you want your people to have a healthy work-life balance is great, but if their calendars are filled with back-to-back meetings or they get pinged at all hours of the...

Look back at how far you’ve come as a team

A ritual around reflection and recognition can help your team members connect and build confidence.

To take stock of all that your team has accomplished, set aside time at the end of each month or quarter to discuss the following:

  • What have we learne...

Leave one-on-ones for personal conversations, not for status updates.


  • What one thing can I do to better support you this week?
  • What kind of flexibility do you need right now?
  • How does your workload feel right now?
  • What was a win for you over the past ...

Don't push your employees to open up to you in detail. Instead, let your reports know that you’re there to support them.

It’s useful to be aware of where on the emotional spectrum your reports are so you can adjust your behaviour.

  • Over-emoter...

Create shared language

Establishing a shared language can make it easier for employees to feel safe opening up and trusting one another.

For example:

  • Teams use a red, yellow, and green system to check in at the beginning of meetings. Red means someone is struggling, y...



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