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Exactly What to Say


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Exactly What to Say

by Phil Jones

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Pitching to a prospect

"I'm Not Sure If It's For You But..."

• Puts the listener at ease, there is no pressure to take action

• The "but" in the end will shift the focus of the subconscious mind to the rest of the sentence as more important.


I’m not sure if it’s for you, but would you happen to know someone interested in this product.


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Making time to meet

"When Would Be a Good Time?"

• Asking "when would be a good time to.."  gives you and the prospect a time frame ( a deadline)

•  Don't rush the request


When will be a good time to look into this idea?


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Create FOMO

"Most People.."

Indecision is usually caused by the anxiety and uncertainty of the outcome. People have confidence in making choices that other people have taken and have benefited from.

• Adding "most people" does will make you seem more confident in the suggestions given.


Most people will grab this opportunity, it might not happen again


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The Good News

• "The Good News is .." this phrase is very much relieving to anyone in any situation.

• As much as we seek out drama we also love to see conflict resolution.


The good news is we already have a backup ready to restore the damage


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Just a tiny favor

Your prospect is your greatest ally,

Asking for a favor is powerful,

• Cue: ask this will be when someone says "thank you".


"Can I ask you a favor to refer this to someone you know will get value from this product"


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Be a storyteller

"Just imagine..."

"We are hardwired for narrative: stories help us understand the world around us, empathize with others, analyze the past, and make decisions for the future."

• Stories invoke our imagination this is a powerful trigger in tapping into the emotions


Just imagine how things will be in six months once you have implemented this.


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Quiz the Expert

"What Do You Know?"

Googling has made 21st-century man the expert on everything in the world. Your prospect assumes that they are the expert in their field so find out what they know.

•  Take control of the conversation

•  The magic phrase "what do you know?' moves the other person’s position “from one of certainty to one of doubt.” 


• What do you know about everything that has changed since (insert event)?


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Tap into the emotion

"How Would You Feel If?"

We all have a great fear of losing what we own -what is MINE.

• Tap into those emotions of potentially losing something valuable


• How would you feel if this decision led to your promotion? (the “if-success” trigger; “loss aversion” in absentia).


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The Curious Cat

"Just Out of Curiosity"

Be curious about the other person instead of trying to convince them to find out why and how they think the way they do.


• Just out of curiosity, what is it that’s stopping you from moving forward with this right now?


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The three options

Avoid analysis paralysis ( inability to choose when we have to choose from several options.)

• Offering only three options; afterward, just ask the other person


“Of those three options, what’s going to be easier for you?”


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Keep It Simple Stupid

Buying is an emotional experience where logic takes second place. 

What is the problem you want to solve, and what value are you trying to add to the other person's life?


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Words that work like magic...


This book is very quick read and can be practised. I summarised my favourite 5 points out of many presented in the book