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List of oils

List of oils

  • Red pimento growth oil
  • Black castor oil
  • Olive oil
  • Jasmine oil
  • Mustard oil
  • Tea tree oil

Massage oils gently into scalp minimum 20 minutes before shower, massage with your finger tips and palms, oils should be warm so pour pea size amount of oil into hands and rub together then place hands infront of a fan heater to warm the oil and massage into scalp.

Some oils come in a dropper, rub the dropper through your scalp and squeeze out tiny amounts into the problem areas.

Gently comb through with a wooden comb.

Tie hair back, use a crocodile clip, maybe cover head with a hat to keep the area warm. 💆‍♀️


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The magic is all in your fingertips.



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  • Make sure to eat throughout the day
  • Have your breakfast within 2 hours upon waking.
  • Eat eggs and beans for breakfast. (Unless your intolerant to eggs 🙄)
  • Give yourself a hot bevarage at least once in the day.
  • Drink water throughout the day, within 2hour intervals.
  • Have lunch by 4pm.
  • Evening meal by 9pm.
  • Sign up to Vitl vitamins, take the personalised consultation and make hair one of your 3 priorities.
  • Eat wholefoods like nuts and raisins.
  • Cut down on fizzy drinks and fried foods.
  • Increase intake of protein, decrease intake of carbohydrates.
  • Reach for fruits as a snack. Grapes and dates are natures gift.


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If you can't help yourself,

How can you truely help anybody else,

With conviction.



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Sleep routine

Sleep routine

  • Wake up for the morning sunshine, by 11AM.
  • Put a gentle alarm on to wake up consistently same time every day.
  • Sleep without an alarm clock for the weekend days.
  • Train yourself to sleep by 1AM, make sure the lights are switched off by midnight.
  • Invest in an eye mask to wear when you are ready to switch off. I have a silk material one which provides a cooling effect.


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There is no better time to begin working towards your best self,

Than right NOW.



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Vitl vitamins, 4 pills a day, take after breakfast. (If you get the tranquility pill, take that in the evening!)

You can slowly introduce it to your body by takeing the pills every other day but get into daily routine by the second pack.

Sign up to the monthly subscription, you can cancel it any time.

This company offers a free 2 week trial, you just need to pay approx £4 for delivery fee.

They always have offers available, and provide codes for up to 50% off.

Like 'magic pills' for your mind and body.

The most friendliest and supportive customer service team i have ever encountered


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Believe you can achieve,

And you just might will.

If you don't try,

You wont ever know.



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Blood flow circulation.

Every morning upon waking do your stretches.

Implement a daily walk to the local shops or a nearby park, this is a mood booster.

Get yourself a giant gym ball and bounce.

Listen to upbeat music. Occasionally choose music which trigger nostalgic feeling within yourself.

Consciously carry out daily chores like cooking cleaning dusting laundry ironing hoovering. Play music whilst completing chores. Invest in a speaker system.


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Love your self as much as you love others.

Take care of your self, as you care for others.



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Hair tools

Hair tools

Denman brush for brushing through hair when wet.

Don't over brush.

Wooden comb. Use morning and night, and in the afternoon.

Use leave in conditioner, place a small pea size amount of product on your fingers, spray water on hands and rub together to activate the product, then gently comb through bottom section of the hair. Don't use conditioner on scalp. Comb through.

Use heat protection spray before hair drying or straightening hair.

Fish tail Comb, gently comb through hair to achieve the perfect parting, this Comb is a game changer.

Scalp massager to use when washing hair.


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You are your selfs best friend.



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Hints And Tips

Hints And Tips

Breath through your nose, not your mouth.

Wash hair lukewarm warm water.

Use small amount of shampoo, activate with water. You can build it up. Less is more.

T-shirt to wrap hair after shower. Don't use towel.

Blow dry hair on medium the scalp then the ends. Use hot heat after its relatively dry to blow dry straight


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Smiling is the best gift you can give your self.

Try it NOW :) 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😄😁😊🤗🤪

It doesn't cost anything,

Except ridding yourself of the misery.



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  • Quit cigs, the tar is bad 👎 get a vape instead.
  • Visit the dentist.
  • Request a blood test to see what your lacking, and test for allergies.
  • Depression and anxiety, speak to your doctor, get free counselling sessions just to talk over goals and dreams. Talk out the past trauma that causes stress anxiety and depression.
  • Wash hair after 2 days and by the 4th day. Switch the temperature to lukewarm when washing out shampoo and conditioner. Use shampoo twice and condition once. Use a small amount, no more than an inch.
  • Take regular daily walks in the sunshine 🌞
  • Travel abroad minimum once every 2 years.


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Invest time and money in your self,

What's the point of hoarding riches,

Depriving yourself of a healthy and balanced lifestyle,

When the present moment is our only guarantee.



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You need to do it all in conjunction, take your time, don't rush or stress as that's counterproductive.

Results within 3 months. Baby hairs will sprout and you will feel and see noticeable change in your body and self.


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Only you can make the changes your body is craving for.

Take control of your self, before the world controls you.



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You have nothing to lose,

But everything to gain.



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