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5 team communication strategies for better collaboration

5 team communication strategies for better collaboration


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5 team communication strategies for better collaboration

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Team communication

  • Open and effective team communication keeps projects moving, co-workers happy, and ideas flowing.
  • Bad team communication kills company culture,  leads employees to burn out and slows everyone down.


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Effects of poor communication

  • Instead of looking for solutions, we waste time checking communication tools.
  • We don't talk about our expectations.
  • Communication bleeds into our out-of-work time, instead of leaving it at work.


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Open communication

It doesn’t mean just telling people to share their thoughts, but actually doing it yourself and setting clear rules and guidelines about how to share.

It isn’t just about how you share information but also what gets shared. 


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Effective team communication

It needs to be:

  • Relevant. Is this important and to the point?
  • Complete. Is anything missing? Can I do what I need to do with what’s been said?
  • Clear. Will everyone understand what’s being said?


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Optimize your communication tools

Open communication doesn't mean more chatter. It means that all relevant information should be accessible to everyone:

  • Minimize the number of communication tools you use.
  • Make sure everyone is setting up their communication tools in the best way possible to protect their focus. 


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Provide guidelines

You should give people guidelines about how to use communication tools.

You want people to get what they need and then return to their focused work.


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Robby Macdonell

That innocent ‘Hey, do you have a minute’ is one of the most dangerous things that can happen. It’s never just a minute. There’s always effort to get back into something.


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Learn to listen

Listen, ask questions and follow up in an effective and respectful way:

  • Keep a regular schedule so your team knows it’s ok to balance communication time with heads down focus.
  • Build a culture of trust by rewarding open communication.
  • Give people your full attention when they’re talking to you. 


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