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10 Things Highly Popular People Do Consistently

10 Things Highly Popular People Do Consistently


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10 Things Highly Popular People Do Consistently

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Name memory

Popular people remember the names of those they meet.

Calling someone by name makes a person feel recognized and appreciated.


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Listening skills

Popular people do not focus on themselves, their problems, or their achievements.

They are active listeners, asking a few questions to encourage others to talk. They do not expect perfection and tolerate the weaknesses of others well.


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Positive attitude

Likable people are always positive and optimistic.

They are very grateful for the things they have in life and do not focus on the things they lack.


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Likable people do not expect success overnight. They are able to reduce triggers that can lead to impatience.


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Open and genuine

Popular people are sincere and they follow up on promises. They are open-minded and constantly looking for new approaches to obstacles.


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Failure as a learning tool

Popular people understand that failing is a natural part of life, but that it does not define them. They learn from the failure and move on without blaming others.


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Communication skills

Likable people are skilled in communication. They use a comforting, friendly tone, never mumble or rant, and speak in a manner that conveys their message clearly.


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Never judgmental

Popular people do not interrupt or make others look inferior. They are humble and never boast about their own accomplishments unless it is necessary. They offer constructive criticism rather than remarks that can be destructive.


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Above and beyond

Likable people consider their job description as a starting point rather than the only tasks they are required to do. They seek challenging projects in an effort to help their organization.


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Enjoy the journey

Popular people focus on building toward a goal and enjoy the steps necessary to reach that goal. They embrace challenges and feel a sense of accomplishment when they overcome obstacles.


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