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4 Simple Strategies to Send Effective Cold Emails

4 Simple Strategies to Send Effective Cold Emails

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Think about  the receiver

Think about the receiver

When you send an email without seeing things from the other person’s perspective, your email ends up sounding generic. 

Tailoring your email to an individual lets them know you put effort and thought into your message. And when you take the time to understand the other person, chances are, they’ll do the same for you.


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Practice sincerity

Practice sincerity

Be tactful, but also straightforward. If you need help or advice, it’s okay to ask. And to get the best results, warm up your approach first. Get to know the other person.

People can see through messages like that easily. It comes off as insincere if you offer someone help and then immediately ask for something in return.


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Emailing the right person

Emailing the right person

Make sure you’re emailing the right person. You can execute the most brilliant emailing techniques…but if you email the wrong person, it’s all for nothing.

The right person usually is the one most able and willing to help.


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Have a clear objective

Have a clear objective

When you send a message that asks the receiver a number of things, the other person can easily end up overwhelmed. In the end, the person will struggle to provide the answer you’re looking for and can even choose to not answer at all.

Ending your email with your one question makes it much easier for the other person to figure out what it is you want.


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Clear and simple

Clear and simple

The key to writing effective emails is to keep things concise, courteous, and clear. 

The easier you make things on the receiver, the more likely they’ll communicate and try to help you with your request.


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